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Ozolife Softgel (1,2 gr. x 60)
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The essence of the Great Alchemy Work was the union of sulfur and mercury to produce the filosofal stone. But the implied was philosophical sulfur and mercury. The union imagined like a marriage, and sulfur and mercury, that were symbols; as the king and the queen, the sun and the moon, the gold and the silver, the red lion and the white eagle.

"Red Lion" is frequent also in the alchemist iconography from Middle Age and Renaissance symbolizing the matter prepared for the Great Work.

The masterful guideline that alchemy was behind was that the metals, human psyche or any other thing could be reduced to the prime matter, an underlying matrix which left all life and all the forms. The alchemists motto was " Solve et coagulat", this is, to dissolve until turning basic matter and recombining forming a new substance. Paracelso, the great alchemist of century XVI, called to the prime matter "the Spirit of the Truth… of a mysterious nature, wonderful force, to be able without limits… this Spirit moves all the bodies… Many look for it and few find it."

Red Lion, is the later Christ to his Death, is the revived Christ, that pronounces to Apostles transfigured. He is the Invincible Sun, whose emblem it´s Leo, eternal star who shines in the children hearts. Lamb is the white color of the alchemists, the lion is the red that seals the Great Work.

In alchemy, it corresponds to "the fixed" element, sulfur. Opposed other three animals, it represents the Earth, although in other texts is called "philosophical fire" while to gold is named as "metals lion". The red lion is the one that more properly responds to this last meaning.


One of the most interesting characteristics on alchemy, is that the magical rituals are related to the alchemy process. In fact, this type of information is very little in classic alchemy texts. Nevertheless, one of the magical instructions concerning the alchemy that it could be found is in a very old text and only titleholder: "Testamenti Fraternitatis Rosae ET Aureae Crucis - Liber II: Of Divine Magic et Naturali, cum Chymico-Magicae Secretorum ".



Red Lion

Red Lion, is the alchemist Potable Gold, prepares to the Initiation and allows the spiritual growth to people who are prepared.

It supposes a passage beyond the White Gold (Ormus).
The process described in this document is an internal alchemy practice using "Potable Gold" related to the seven Planetary Intelligences and Creator Angel Custodian evocation. It must be emphasized that all those magical practices, were always possible soon of Philosophers Stone achievement, that was used like a type of "astral magnet" to communicate with spiritual organizations.

Some Adepts emphasize the fact that nobody could really practice Magic, without obtained before the Philosophers Stone and to become regenerated by their powers. In fact, the Philosophers Stone could wake up the precognition faculties those could be very useful to communicate with spiritual beings during a magical evocation.

It must know that the ingestion of Potable Gold or "Red Leon" can be dangerous for people nonprepared, because those substances wake up what the old Rosacruces Followers called "body subtle fires" (kundalini). This is the reason for which the Followers never give the Elixir, or Potable Gold, to students nonprepared and young people, but only to experienced students, of at least 40 years of age and only after years of training.

Another route from approach to "Red Lion", is the previous preparation at least 2 months, taking White Gold (Powder), after this you can add to your taking the White Gold (Ormus) along 2 more monhts, and after you will add the "Red Lion" with the White Gold (Powder) and stops Ormus taking.

Red Lion (30 ml): Contains Potable Alchemy Gold (99%), in monoatomic state.
Recommendations: For people with certain training and spiritual development, generally from 40 years old.
Suggested use: 10-12 drops 1 or 2 times daily, diluted in water or directly under tongue.


























Red Lion interacts directly with the energy body. It has a quick effect; as can be demonstrated by the instant change of brain wave patterns when we take it. This product is oriented to experienced meditators or people for more than 40 years old. If you are a beginner, We would suggest first, bypass across Powder version and after the ORMUS one. Take they a long 2-3 months before use Red Lion, It is a great tool to expanded and sublime states of consciousness easily.


Red Lion (30 ml): Contains Potable Alchemy Gold (99,99%), in monoatomic state. This is a not bounded metallic state, then is not toxic. 

It vastly increases the nervous system coherency, allows for the smooth integration of the Merkaba (light body) with the physical.

In Alchemy, gold is the representative of the sun, which rules the fourth chakra of the human energy body. Based upon this knowledge, it is not surprising that we can observe the following effects of gold: On a physical level, monoatomic gold increases stamina and hormone production while balancing the endocrine system; thus it is useful for the purpose of physical rejuvenation. Monoatomic gold also strengthens the heart, and increases the growth of red blood cells and semen, having repercussion on the Kundaliny awakening.

Red Lion has Monoatomic Gold and starts out as 99.99% pure Gold it is then converted into Monoatomic Gold utilizing a traditional method practiced by the Cathars, but there are other methods.  

Who are the CATHARES? The PERFECTS, as per the meaning of their names, appeared in Eastern Europe, probably in Bulgaria, as a reaction to the lust, degradation and greed of the Catholic Church, at this time ruled by Pope . Anyone who would not accept the authority of the Church and would not act in conformity with the Church's rules, was declared Heretic and condemned to the stake. Not only did the Cathars teach the old Tradition, but they also refused the Sacraments of the Church, even marriage! Also, the Pures were very popular to the people because of their famous irreproachable behavior, and their compassion. The Cathars were divided in two categories:

  • The ADEPTS, sometimes described as the "Unknown Superiors", were believed to be spiritual entities incarnated for this specific task and time. Detached from human life, they were renown as powerful healers, who were transmitting the Holy Spirit. As carriers of the Great Tradition, the path of the Cathars was ahead of its time. As multi-dimensional travelers, their purpose was to demonstrate the power of love, forgiveness, integrity and tolerance. The Initiates mastered the Art of "Riding the Light". In the occult tradition, riding the Light means to master the Energy, the capacity of Being and Acting out of the veil of Time, reading the Akhashic Records, and therefore standing in deep trust and detachment. "As well as the Christ, they healed the body through the healing of the soul."
  • The Disciples, who were enjoying all aspects of human life, including sexuality and procreation. All Cathars were vegetarian.

While Europe was living under the feudal system, keeping the vast majority in misery and famine, the Cathars taught the abolition of casts and self-value based on money. The Jewish people, considered as pariahs, were welcome in the Order. The Cathars believed in reincarnation, astrology, and celebrated the Equinox. They knew that the Universe is only Light and Love and their similarly to the Egyptians or the FreeMasons one of the Cathars rites of initiation is the death of the lower self and the rebirth into the path of initiation. The disciple is locked into a room (free masonry), a cave (Shamanism) a sarcophagus (Egypt). He is confronted to himself, to his own demons, his subconscious mind for 3 days. Then, the disciple is ready to enter the path to enlightenment.


The Cathars, aware of the laws of Duality were adepts of the transmutation of Darkness through love and purity. Man participates in God's victory toward ignorance (= the absence of Light) and evil (absence of Love). The Cathars taught internal ALCHEMY, which is the transmutation of Self in Gold (Golden Light).

Also, they were teaching TANTRA, sexuality transmuted by Love and Spirit, as a tool for enlightenment. The Initiates or Pures were celibates. The others were expected to enjoy life and participate in the beauty of procreation. However love was to be raised to the level of a sacrament, a path out of Duality and to multi-dimensional travel (practice of true tantra allows the couple to experience states of consciousness that are more difficult for them to reach in the 3D world). The Cathars were practicing the retention of the sperm associated with the mastery of breath and Energy.

Our books, literature about alchemy, the mysterious substances that we were using during the initiation rites, a mask from beyond Egypt, were part of the package. The sacred emerald, that was passed from one brotherhood to the other since Atlantis, the one with the purple aura, was also carried by this group, as well as some gold, very few in fact...

"Three other people, two men and a woman, left with our most precious treasure, the relics from the Christ, transmitted to us from the Essenes, our brothers. The relics, some bones and ashes, kept throughout centuries with pure divine atomic Energy, were hidden in a castle for several decades, then they crossed the great Ocean towards the New Continent. It might be discovered in a few decades, from 2000, in a canyon in ... the United States."

The Holy Grail, is not a physical object. Each of us can see and create his/her own Grail. Clairvoyantly speaking, it looks like a recipient, at the base of our spine. This cup, is the sacred vase in which the holy alchemy occurs when you are ready. Tantra, as practiced by the yogis or the Cathars is a human path to the elaboration and the blending of the Energies. However, this time is over. The Sacred Marriage, only possible after the blending and transmutation of the Light and the Darkness, in their purest form, sublimated by Love and Wisdom (knowledge + intelligence) is the real Union. The alchemy might be facilitated by Red Lion, in order to prepare the body and open some doorways in you spiritual structure. However, each Being still has to be complete as Self, as God is One and United.

- Diana Poitiers and her Eternal Youth secret.


Diana de Poitiers in the roll

of Diana Hunting, with

her ladies.

      Diana doubtlessly was the great love of Enrique II, and she got to  pardon the smaller infidelities like when she was ill and he got excited with Maria Fleming, the  Maria Estuardo governess. Diana influence included the daughters of his lover, intriguing so that Claudia married with the Duke de Lorena and Elisabeth with the odious Felipe II of Spain.


Many people make Diana culprit of Enrique II death, alleging that she was who said to him that he did not  attention to the astrologer prophecy cut, Nostradamus.The clairvoyant had predicted the die of king in a chivalrous match, this was fulfilled to half of 1559 when the lance of Montgomery Count penetrated through gilded armet  of the king to take out the eye to and to incrust it in his brain. Enrique II died one 10 of June while Diana cried. 


Once died Enrique II, Catherine de Médicis embroiled to blows with Diana to demand the return of crown jewels that king had deposited in its hands years ago, and later the furious widow confiscated to Diana the Chenonceaux castle, forcing she to retire to Anet, where she died at 66 years of age with intact silhouette and without a wrinkle in the face, on 25 of April of 1566.

According to Brantôme, Diana de Poitiers, the Enrique II favorite, continued being very very beautiful lady on an outpost age, thanks to the regular physical exercise, a very simple diet and different natural cares from the skin, among them one  Potable Gold potion:

"J'ai vue  Madame la Duchesse de Valentinois en l'age de soixante-dix ans, aussi belle de face, aussi fraische et aussi aimable comme en l'age de trente ans [...] Et sur tout elle avoit une très-grande blancheur, et sans se farder aucunement; mais on dit bien que tous les matins elle usoit de quelques bouillons composez  d'or potable  et autres drogues, que je ne sais pas comme les bons medecins et subtils apohticaires". Brantôme (1991), Recueil des dames, poésies et tombeaux. París: Gallimard, 604-605

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 May, 2005.

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