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White Gold (Powder) 33.64€

White Gold contains extraordinary energy patterns that carry out a kind of superconductivity in the body, optimizing the relationship body-mind.

White Gold contains 68 different minerals and trace of minerals.

This mineral wealth stimulates the physiologic answer from the body to the external aggressions (illness, stress...)

It contains precious elements: Gold, Rhodium, Platinum, Ruthenium...

These elements act as a superconductors , increasing the nervous connection.

Its trace minerals wealth transforms it into a biocatalish , favoring the enzymes action.

It acts like as enzyme precursory , allow to the body to reestablish any chemical process that was inhibited.

The great content in Silica , Allows proteins hydration.

It confers tissue consistency and elasticity which is translated in a smoother and softer skin.

The Gold Powder (White Gold) it is a sacred powder extracted from the Great Canyon of Colorado (Arizona), in a land that was volcanic in other times and an area of mining gold exploitation. At temperatures of 700º down the earth, and with the fire element exalted toward high temperatures, a wonderful alchemy took place in form of a more beautiful sediment that the gold, the White Gold.

The history makes echo about the use of this powdered Gold, beginning with the powder that was obtained from the mummies in Egypt, by the sackers tombs. This powder became popular in the XIII and XVIII centuries, being known about its use by famous celebrities as Willian Shakespeare or Rupert Brooke , because it was associated with therapeutic properties and positive goods on mind and body.

Maybe all of this had relation with the compose substances that they was extracted from the Nile mud river. It was also used by the Egyptian priests in their Initiation rituals.

This sediment really contains extraordinary energy vibrations that influence in the electromagnetic fields of the human body. White Gold makes a bridge between matter and energy due to the precious elements that it contains:


Metals analysis: PH 7´4 (7´5 is perfect)

Precious Minerals: Parts per million

(Obtained with M.I.T.)


94 ppm


78 ppm


15 ppm


24 ppm


178 ppm



(Contains until 68 different minerals and trace minerals)

Great Canyon of Colorado-Arizona.

Earth has its own particle accelerator. (Orange field)

At magnetic fields level, the NASA had detected that Earth has its own particle accelerator, represented by the ring orange of the picture. In the vortexes that contact with Earth, there are big magnetic forces that confer superconductivity qualities to the land where they converge. White Gold, is extracted from an specific Great Canyon area (Arizona), where they are given incredible appointments force lines, that are working to accelerate the Ascension Earth process.

According to the doctor and investigator Richard Gerber :

“At physical level, gold powder seems to stimulate the interconnectivity between nervous system and the enormous net of connective tissues around all the body. Probably this characteristic is due to the elements that contains (gold, iridium, rhodium) that could be creating a class of biological and natural superconductivity that stimulates the communication between nervous system and body tissues. At body subtle level, the gold powder seems to stimulate the interconnectivity between physical body and etheric one and also between the etheric, mental and emotional ones. Due to this reinforced interconnectivity, the mental manifestation of the creations can be stronger when a person ingests the gold power. All these physiologic and subtle goods can improve the sensation of well-being in a person and his capacity to manage the stress, if he is willing to work with these superior energy.”

In the scientific magazine The American Scientist of May of the 1995 is explained:

“The investigators examined the electric estates of double DNA helixes with a short longitude, in which there was a ruthenium atom in each end of both filaments. Meade and Kayyem observed in their first studies that a single filament of DNA could lead to 100 electrons per second. Imagine their astonishment when they measured the flow of an impregnated filament with ruthenium and they saw that this was increased to 1 million electrons at second. It was as how the helix behaved as a piece of molecular copper.”

This White Gold superconductivity quality, contributes to experience benefits like as:

- Best Spiritual connection.

- Bigger intuition capacity.

- Bigger clarity and mental concentration.

- It increases the health and physical resistance.

- It optimizes the synchrony among brain left-right.

Our thoughts become more powerful and more coherent. It increases the electromagnetic thought vibration, allowing to accelerate the time required for manifestation desires . Said in another way, the time between desire and manifestation shortens.

White Gold composition (Powder 50 grs.): Natural powder rich on monatomic and trace elements (Gold, Platinum, Rhodium, Iridium, Ruthenium, Silver... containing up to 68 minerals). It has the Earth Ascension wave pattern.
Use recommendations: Half teaspoonful 1 or 2 up to day, preferably dissolved in natural juice or natural water. Also you can take it in homeopathic mode, down your tongue ¼ teaspoonful product. Keep at least 4 hours until going to bed.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 May, 2005.

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