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Ozolife Softgel (1,2 gr. x 60)
Ozolife Softgel (1,2 gr. x 60)
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  Along time that we took offering our products, we have received different questions and we have given answers on the basis of own and clients experiences; and we wanted to share with you. Thus we could be recognizing our own process and as the products interact with us.

How long I have to take these products so that they make effect?

The products are formulated with a preferred objective, and it is to help to elevate our bodies to another superior reality. Considering which we are speaking about a biological reality enrolled in our DNA filaments and without waking up, it would be possible to say that is another "Rebirth" and time so to takes place, depends on our own "gestation" or physical evolution as much spiritual. Sometimes in months they begin to notice the changes, although this one is only the beginning and not the end of our particular process of growth. Thus, the products have a cumulative effect and provide with "first" the biological frame, suitable so that alum that new "I´m" who developed in the most spiritual dimensions of the Being.
At the moment, many souls already resonate with this coming and they are becoming the present incarnation, in "self teachers". What formerly required years and lives, of education and training, now has accelerated by the own Human evolution and our Big Brothers desire.

From where these formulas come?

These formulas come from vanguard scientists investigation and inspiration , who already conjugate spirit and matter like an indissoluble reality. Postulates and experiments have been retaken, like those of Nikola Tesla, so that they have been able to transmit to products qualities 1/8 higher to this reality. Or new technologies that have been created laser, to print unusual qualities in these formulas.

Cure these products the cancer and other serious diseases?

Certain exists some casuistry with respect to recoveries diseases . The obtained results allow some hopes, although still the results desired in the 100% of the cases are not obtained. We have to think here about global terms:
They are factors that affect the disease process when this is in an advanced state or burdens. We talked about invasive treatments like the chemotherapy are used, that tries to eliminate the disease agent and that can have indirect effect like gastrointestinales alterations, hair fall, bony marrow cells destruction, reason why the body level defenses remains enough low.

The same patient is a determining factor, and we think that it is more than treatment, since its own evolution determines if the process is developed harmoniously with its Soul, and if she recognizes that has assimilated or no, the lesson that life brings to He/She with disease.
And also is important principles with which these products act, described very well by David Hudson: "… they are not an antidote for anything and they do not fight AIDS nor the cancer, I prefer to think that they are substances pro-life that serve to perfect our bodies and to give back the perfect harmony with the Spirit."
It rest to estimate our intuition and responsibility of life, to use these products with the intention that our conscience dictates to us. They are "… philosophical matter" and it corresponds to us to understand and apply it.


It is possible that these products reduce the appetite?

Many people who take MoodFood, agree in commenting that they notice more satiated and than they do not need to ingest the same amount of food. This would have that transport of food to the cell is favored by the product, and consequently an foods absorption would be made most complete; shooting therefore the mechanism that makes us feel satiated. One is not a diet here or to let eat, but return to recover the capacity of assimilation and the sensation of fullness.

Can then to thin these products?

Yes, more people report a weight loss, it happens rather due to a general body normalization. There are some people who have experienced weight losses, which probably they have to do with a true nutrition that products promote, having allowed to shoot the "triggers" of our satiety. The excess of food, would be related in fact to
undernourishment, and not with an excess of nutrition, since the food would not be arriving to cells and this deficiency would prevent that we felt fed. Also emotional factors would concur that would cause to ate compulsively.
For a more explicit treatment on the control of the weight, you can visit the Gematria page, where you´ll find products more oriented towards to this objective.

Can they to have side effects?

As far as products of Gematría, we recommended that you´ll visite the next link, before initiating any treatment by your account: Recommendations of use

It could happen rather on the contrary, that at physical level can take place purifying processes that indicate the effectiveness of the product to solve health problems.These purifying processes are recommendable not to interrupt them, and in any case; if they are annoying it is possible to spaced plus the takings, to avoid these annoyances.
At energy levels, it can be at beginning to have certain fatigue notices, they are revealing sleepy, bumps of humor, lack of appetite, euphoria, lightness sensation. This is due to the power readjustments that are made in our body until these energy fields balance, and provide with greater energy and more lucidity, opening us to the life. These effects usually occur more frequently taking Flower Elixir´s, but they do not have greater problem and indirect effect cannot be considered, but since we have said readjustments of our energies.

Can I really become more young taking these products, than before?

Yes, it exists already some casuistry in people who have been time taking them and have changed the skin appearance, with less wrinkles and smoother. Let us think for example, in the hydration qualities content on White Gold (Powder), who is fundamentally silica in a skillful combination with mineral plans provided by Nature. Of course we cannot forget here, the last incorporation of a product generation with a revolutionary laser technology. We can mention one of these emblematic products, that extend the life up to 3 times, according to laboratory tests made on mammals (Methusalife). If You wants you can visit this new range of Gematria products.

Toda la información que se haya en este site, se da únicamente a título informativo. No pretende diagnosticar, curar o tratar ninguna enfermedad. Si usted se encuentra enfermo, acuda a su médico o especialista.El IVA no está incluido en los precios.

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