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White Gold (Ormus) 60.37€

This White Gold potentiation, is the God´s food. It has awakening goods about the Kundalini and it affects directly to our DNA, restoring it with a pattern of health.

In the 70 years David Hudson discovered a new state of matter. In this alchemy process searching the Philosopher´s Stone, Hudson wore out several thousands of dollars. At the end of the decade it was able to extract a material that exhibited a strange behavior. Hudson called to this material ORMES (as acronym for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements). Since some of these elements can be diatomics and Hudson has also patented these materials, we will refer to them with the name of ORMUS or M-state elements (m-state: located at micro cluster level). These elements are left force fields and they float magnetically.

Hudson and others have isolated these elements in the cerebral tissue and some plants. We think that they modify a tubuline and they become into micro tubulines; creating an interaction outside from the space-time, among the cells and maybe among the individuals. It would be a bridge between the mind and the matter. These materials are involved in several biological and psychic processes, with effects on Kundalini awakening . Several people that have taken it for long periods of time, point out that they experience many of the effects related in the Vedic texts, about the Kundalini Ascension.

Microtubuline images, in different cellular mitosis stages.

These materials are difficult to manipulate using the conventional chemistry. Although they don't react in the same way that their metallic colleagues, there is a weak reaction, possibly due to the connection resonance that can create a kind of chemical shade with these elements. It seems that the old alchemists used this chemical shade, through the different reactions that they caused, until getting the result that they wanted.

It has been observed magnetic levitation and anti-graveness with these materials. In several readings; Hudson says that if the iridium of ORMUS warms to 850º Celsius; this will disappear and it will loose all its weight. When the low temperature; it reappears and it recovers most of their previous weight. The patent of Hudson contains an analytic map generated by a water heater-gravimetric apparatus that illustrates this effect.

If like it seems, the elements of ORMUS can disappear of this Universe, it seems clear that they will go to anywhere. The analytic map of Hudson indicates that during the trial of elevating the temperature, the iridium ended up reaching 300% less than its normal weight.
It is very possible that ORMUS has some of the estates of the water or “tubuline” inside the micro tubulines of each cell. Hameroff and Penrose believe that these micro tubes are the “quantum collapse point” where the information about multiple universes are “collapsing” inside a “conscious selection” or decision. The sequences of these decisions would constitute the cell conscience, being the interactions among many cells those that would be forming the organism conscience. In this crossroad class that supposes the organism conscience, it would be required many decisions by the atoms of this universe that could be solved using “calculations” that would interact in an infinite number of other universes.

Bridge between the energy and the matter. Quantum collapse of the photonic energy, conforming the atomic reality.

It is also thought that ORMUS elements are into tubulines inside the micro tubes, making a resonance that connects the body cells. As it increases the quantity of ORMUS elements in the body, they strengthen the resonance connections. An example of this connection type, takes place when DNA is repaired by the action of platinum group elements contained on the ORMUS elements. It is believed that they renovate the archetype of health and this provides to the other cells a different pattern from the nearest DNA cells; like it happens in cisplatin case and other chemotherapy drugs.

According to David Hudson their ORMES is not an antidote for anything and they don't combat neither AIDS or cancer. He prefers to say that they are substances for-life that are good to perfect our bodies and to return them the perfect harmony with the Spirit.
The studies “in vitro” that Hudson contributes, demonstrate that ORMES doesn't have toxic goods. There are a lot of people that has been ingesting ORMES during these last ten years, and there is not evidence of negative goods about it ingestion.

Several people have reported the following goods of ORMUS that you should be easy to verify:

Less oxygen necessity, or oxygen increment in the blood.
-Pain reduction.
-Elasticity increment.
-Insomnia improvement.

Other people have felt similar experiences about Kundalini awakening. These goods include: Hear in the silence, chakra heart and throat feelings, psychic experiences and a kind of nectar secretion, from the palate veil.

Composition of White Gold (Ormus 60 ml.): Rich liquid in monatomic elements (M-State: Gold, rhodium, iridium, platinum, ruthenium, ...)
Use recommendations: Shake before using. 10 or 12 drops under tongue 1 or 2 times daily, or diluted in natural juice or mineral water.

Store in a electromagnetic free place for any radiations, wrapped in aluminum paper.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 09 May, 2006.

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