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Boulder of Shungit (2 - 4 cm.)
Boulder of Shungit (2 - 4 cm.)
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DNA magnestism
History of Gematria
Patented process of Activation by Laser, Gematria

History of Gematria

Gematria, Makers of Laser Energized Nutritional Supplements

Gematria was founded by Dr Todd Ovokaitys on July of 1996. After his medical graduation in the University of John's Hopkins and Georgetown, Dr Ovokaitys dedicated itself to his true passion: the investigation. Studying the interaction of the light with the biological tissue, and basing on the work of some shining investigators of this century, Todd developed a laser technology which demonstrated very promising results. The essence of this discovery is a new form of laser energy that stimulates the effects of crystals of the amino acids. With this so extraordinary discovery, the company made beta tests to determine its effectiveness; the results were extraordinarily positive with a rate of success for products of 97%.

¿What are the amino acids?

The amino acids are fundamental for the life, are like nutritional blocks that are united in chains to create giant proteins such as the proteins for muscles, hair, skin, and nails. Together with vitamins and minerals, the amino acids have an essential role in the formation and functioning of enzymes in the body. The enzymes are necessary in each cell to achieve over 100.000 chemical reactions on which the life depends.

The amino acids also have an important role in the transmission of information between the cells. They generate specific molecules that qualify to the neurons to communicate among them. Some amino acids are transformed into hormones, which speak to the cells in the body whereas others form receivers to listen to the answers of the reaction. The supplements of amino acids are required daily by each cell in suitable amounts, to assure that the body and the brain have all the elements necessary to obtain and to maintain their optimal function. Eight of the 22 amino acids, are known as essentials and must be consumed in foods or through supplements. The other 14 can synthesize itself in nutrients if all the other cofactors are presents.

Why the amino acids of Gematria?

Most of the products that appear like sources of amino acids they are really proteins partially digested that contain still united chains of amino acids. When they are ingested, these chains still need to break themselves until obtaining simple amino acids so that they can be used. During this process of breaking, the amino acids can undergo a chemical degradation that can have like result a reduction of the benefits for the user. Gematria uses only amino acids of high quality, in his free and purified crystalline form. When we are ingesting them in their simple state, this amino acids are quickly absorbed and assimilated by the organism.

In order to even stimulate higher the amino acids, Gematria uses a laser technology unique in its class, based in the physical theories more advanced.

This new form of laser energy, causes that the amino acids are quickly absorbed and used.

Additionally to this amino acids, these formulas contain powerful nutritional cofactors that maximize the benefits of the amino acids. If you look for to improve your body, mind and emotions through nutritional strategies, Gematria has high quality products for you.

The Gematria products are based not only on the cellular support of the nutritious substances, but also in the transformation through the laser and of the energy of no visible frequencies by the human eye. These products will elevate your vibration letting to you work at high levels of efficiency.

You are carrying to your valued body a pure product that will maximize your power and cellular system completely, opening your mind and expanding your heart; increasing your connection with that really you are.

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